Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mom, I promise I don't just paint naked men anymore...

So, my first post. I've started this blog partly because my family and friends are scattered all over the world, and they haven't seen my paintings in years. I'm pretty sure they are still convinced that I am painting naked men exclusively, the way I did during my Freshman year Life Painting class.

As fantastic of a model as Manuel was, I've learned a lot since that class. I've learned for example that I really love thick layers of gesso. I've learned that I am obsessed with painting grungy buildings. I've learned how to build my own set of stretcher bars. This blog will be partly a way for me to post the paintings I've worked on and a way for you to see the process that goes into every painting-- the study paintings, the photos, the drawings, the power tools, and of course many, many layers of gesso. Enjoy!


  1. Manuel really was fantastic. I especially liked his chicken legs. Ah, the good old days...

  2. Btw you should totally post your painting of Manuel. I think it's still in your bedroom at home, facing the wall.